Board of directors

IMG_9491Yolanda Dortch-Amiker

Yolanda Dortch-Amiker was born in Washington, DC but relocated to Jersey City. NJ as child. Some of Yolanda’s childhood was filled with trauma and confusion. To escape from the issues that plague her community Yolanda entered in the Military where she served in the Army as a Staff Sargent. Even while escaping the hurt of the past the experience of the military brought its on misery. Yolanda was sexually assaulted and suffered a stroke. Yolanda found herself dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mental illness and the physical handicaps of having a stroke. This moment in her life formed into a dark cloud that cause a four year depression. Yolanda took the misery and turned it into a lifelong mission. She had to learn to live and trust herself again. Yolanda’s healing process is one that is fuelled by the depths of the past and propelled by hopes of the future.

Yolanda created the Healing Is Power (H.I.P) & Yolanda Amiker Foundation as-well as starting her own company The Am I Still Beautiful LLC. Through all of the uncertainty in life there was moment of healing and light at the end of the tunnel. Every day she reminds herself that through the misery and ill-fortune she is a survivor. Now Yolanda stands before the world ready to tell her story and inspire others.

Jeana Gate
Executive Secretary

Lillian Jones
Executive Treasurer