about hip

In 2014, Healing is Power (HIP) embarked on a crusade to service and support individuals who require a unique assistance and comfort for wounds they have received which are much deeper than the surface. We are a non-profit {501(c) 3} community and faith based organization dedicated to sponsoring and advocating for those who have lost their voice. HIP was founded in 2014 by Yolanda Dorth-Amiker, who is the President and CEO.

HIP’s diverse staff are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others. Our devoted staff of professionals have pledged to provide services in the areas of referrals, mentorship, counseling, housing assistance, education, and programs for soldiers & veterans.


HIP encourages “the telling of your truth.” Silence has proven to be a hindrance in self-growth. Healing is the power necessary to move on and start the life you have always dreamed of and HIP is where it all begins. By developing partnerships with community groups and sponsors, HIP is saving lives “one day at a time.” We have developed and implemented programs necessary to break the cycle of an absent existence. You have a voice and we want to hear what you have to say